Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wednesday News Catch Up

So tonight was the big game out at Arrowhead between Chivas and Club America. First I want to touch on a few other things.

Before the game tonight, the Wizards held a Season Ticket Holder Event out at the training facility that included dinner and a Q&A session with Robb Heineman about the new stadium plan out at the Legends as well as the plan out at Bannister. Here are a few highlights of the event.

  • They had more renderings of the stadium tonight, see the picture above, for the full album and some pictures of the game tonight, see here.
  • I hope they are old renderings, I really hate the wavy roof.
  • The Cauldron end, which I would guess is under the scoreboard is smaller and doesn't appear to have much of a roof in those renderings.
  • OnGoal has currently put $33 million into the development out at Bannister.
  • They did sign an agreement with the Unified Government meaning they will not negotiate with KCMO for 30 days basically and the state of KS has 30 days from last week to approve the STAR Bonds.
  • They'd been talking with places like Walmart, Lowes, Target, etc about building at Bannister, but those places are not looking to build new stores right now, and probably won't be til 2011-2012.
  • With that in mind it'd probably be until 2013-2015 before the stadium at Bannister would be done.
Those were the main highlights of Heineman's Q&A tonight.

Onto other MLS news. The league announced today that they will take a break for a portion of the World Cup this next year. MLS will not play during the group phase of next summer's World Cup. I like this move, you don't want to have to compete with the biggest sporting event in the world, at least not all of it. Once the games become a little more spread out after the group phase, MLS will start back up again. The break will last 15 days, from June 11th to the 25th. It's a smart move by MLS to accommodate their fans who want to watch the World Cup.

Finally, onto tonight's game between Chivas and Club America. A great atmosphere tonight out at Arrowhead, where there was a decent crowd (not the 35,000 Robb predicted at the Q&A but a good number). Both team's started the game with their starters and after a scoreless first half, Club America grabbed the lead in the second. Chivas had an equalizer called back before scoring 2 unanswered to win 2-1. Again I have a few pictures here, as well as a short video on youtube.

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dr gooch said...

The part that I found most interesting was when Robb said (to some effect): CAB is an attraction inside of a destination, we want this to be a destination inside of an attraction.

I like that kind of confidence. I'll believe it when I see it, but to me it shows that they have to play with the hand that they are dealt and will play it as well as they can.