Tuesday, September 01, 2009

August Player of the Month

The month of August was not a fun one for the Wizards, KC went 0-4 in the month of August, allowing 10 goals, while scoring 0. Those facts make it hard to even begin thinking about who should be the Wizards Player of the Month for the month of August. Even with the poor results, though, I was set on giving the award to someone. This meant looking outside of the regular stats as a whole and looking entirely at how certain players had played this month.

When thinking about which players played well over the course of the month, my choices came down to two, Lance Watson and Herculez Gomez. For Scrappy, he proved his nickname this month putting in a gritty performance in every game, being one of the Wizards best players in each of the games. As for Gomez, while the Wizards offense didn't score any goals, Gomez did his best to create chances for his teammates in the games over the course of August. Unfortunately most people will remember Gomez's one big miss in the game against Salt Lake last Saturday night.

In the end, this month's player of the month award is going to Scrappy, Lance Watson. Watson's heart and determination on the field this month is what gives him the award.


MOUFWASH said...

Lets not forget Gomez choosing to shoot from a horrible angle early last game as well as opposed to passing to a open Arnaud who was on the 6.... Flashes of great play followed by stuff that makes you want to bang your head against the wall, its been a long season..

I like the Watson props, he has been solid and is a pretty skilled player.. Thinking about it, the present starting outside backs (Harrington and Watson) are probably 2 of the more complete players on the team and whats more is we have pretty good depth at those spots as well, I think it was Marquess that filled in for Watson when he was on suspension and I thought he did very well.

Spoon said...

I vote for us the fans. W are the ones who are still paying to come out and watch this crap. If anyone should get it should be us.

Anonymous said...

That was Leathers MOUFWASH that filled in for Watson.

MOUFWASH said...

thanks for the correction

MOUFWASH said...


something different maybe...