Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Stadium Site

The other week while I was out at CAB for the Wizards game, I stopped by the Wizards new stadium location right across the street from Nebraska Furniture Mart. Here are a few pictures of the site. The first picture is looking back towards the site from around the corner of 40 Highway and Prairie Crossing. The second, third and fourth were taken from the NFM parking lot scanning from southeast (where the stadium goes) to the northwest. Not the greatest pictures, but you get an idea of the location. The shocking thing for me (at the time, and more so now) is how small the site is. It doesn't seem like it'd be big enough to fit the stadium in there. But then again, I'm only eyeballing it.

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C. A. Nickless said...

I think a smaller space will give the stadium a much better and intense atmosphere as well as contribute to the development at Village West.