Friday, September 18, 2009

Farewell Abe

Abe Thompson was with the Wizards for a little less than a year before he was traded this past week for Kei Kamara. Thompson was brought in last year by the Wizards to help with their scoring issues down the stretch. He didn't find net, but his bigger presence in the forward position did allow the Wizards to show something different on the field than they had been previously. Still, his lack of scoring saw Thompson begin to fall down the depth chart, and this year Thompson had only appeared in 8 league games, 12 in all competitions. He did finally get his first goal for the Wizards, scoring from the penalty spot in the Wizards 3-3 draw, penalty kick shootout win over Minnesota in the US Open Cup.

In his time in KC, Thompson finished having played in 16 league games, starting 8 of them and recording 1 assist for a total of 702 minutes. That total sticks him between Diego Walsh and Ivan Trujillo in league minutes played for the team. He made another 6 appearances in all competitions for KC, recording his 1 goal finishing his career with 1, 097 minutes played putting him between Yura Movsisyan and Mark Santel.

Good luck to you Abe.

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