Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Sunday After Stats (Wednesday Edition)

In the past 3 days, Roger Espinoza has played 210 minutes for the Wizards in all competitions. A big accomplishment at this level.

The first minutes in all competitions this season that Kevin Hartman has not played.

Claudio Lopez and Herculez Gomez are the only players that have appeared in all 18 games this season.

Boris Pardo's first competitive game for the Wizards.

Rauwshan McKenzie's first professional goal.

Lopez's 50th appearance in all competitions for the Wizards.

Josh Wolff made his 120th appearance in all competitions for the Wizards, tying him with Sean Bowers for 16th on the all time list.

Abe Thompson's 7th career US Open Cup goal, tying him for 8th place among MLS players.

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Felixx219 said...

maybe this is where Abe Thompson can actually contribute to the team, helping us advance in the USOC since he seems to do well in the tourney.