Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Espinoza in the Gold Cup

Wizards midfielder, Roger Espinoza was the only Wizards player that dressed tonight for his national team as Espinoza's Honduran side played the United States. Espinoza once again started for Los Catrachos tonight, playing 70 minutes before being subbed out in the USA's 2-0 win. US Wizards' players, Jimmy Conrad and Davy Arnaud did not dress for the game.


PVFC said...

I understand why Arnaud is there, he has a chance (likely very small) to be fighting for a bench spot next summer but why is Jimmy even there? I guess he could play on Saturday but he isnt going to be in consideration for the team next summer with younger and just as (if not more) capable guys like Chad Marshall who are fighting for the backup CB spots for the "first team".

Espinoza has been getting better, Honduras has some quality players but when we compare him to our other Wizards he can do things that most can't.. He doesnt get much love on here but he is really developing into a solid player.

szazzy said...

Honduras looked worse when Espinoza came off. He played well.

PVFC said...

Roger "The Dragon" Espinoza

they are calling him Bruce Lee, but the Dragon fits in with the whole Wizards and Cauldren scene