Monday, July 06, 2009

Back in the Open Cup

The Wizards continue their schedule of playing 2 games in a week again tomorrow night when they play the Seattle Sounders at Starfire Sports Complex outside Seattle. Seattle had this past weekend off from league play, so they come into the game tomorrow night more rested than the Wizards. The Sounders last game was their 3rd round Open Cup game against the Portland Timbers. The Wizards are likely to see a very similar lineup to that which the Sounders put out against the Timbers, which was a mix of starters and back ups.

As for the Wizards, they come off their 1-0 loss to the Dynamo on Saturday. With the game this past Saturday and a trip up to New England coming up next weekend, Coach Onalfo is likely to play a lineup similar to the one he put out against Minnesota last week. Once again, though, due to injuries and call ups, KC is going to have to play a few starters to help fill the numbers for the team.
Watson - Leathers - McKenzie - Marquess
Harrington - Zusi - Gomez
Kraus - Thompson

PREDICTION - I want the Open Cup, I voted as such in the poll up on my blog. That said, I don't see KC getting the result tomorrow. Onalfo has decided to focus directly on the league and leave the Open Cup as an afterthought. It doesn't help the Wizards efforts that Seattle was off this past weekend, which will likely allow them to play more starters than the Wizards will. Also factor in that KC is the only team that has beaten Seattle at home this year and I just can't see KC pulling this one out.

KC - 0
Seattle 2 - (King, Le Toux)

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