Friday, July 03, 2009

Returning to MLS Play

The Wizards return to MLS play for the first time in about 3 weeks when they take on the Houston Dynamo Saturday night at Community America Ballpark. For those attending, remember tomorrow's game starts a half an hour later, at 8pm. Houston has their defensive midfielder, Ricardo Clark returning for this game most likely (although there is a chance he could be called up for the Gold Cup game, as he was named as one of 7 alternates for the US), but will be without Stuart Holden and Brian Ching, which will certainly have an effect on the Dynamo offense. Working in the Dynamo's favor, is the fact that Dominic Kinnear appears to have worked his magic again with Cam Weaver.

The Wizards haven't played a league game in 3 weeks, but find themselves only 4 points out of first place after that length of time. Kansas City will be without 3 players that have strarted plenty of games for the team this year. Davy Arnaud, Jimmy Conrad, and Roger Espinoza are all with their respective national teams for the Gold Cup. With those 3 gone, there are going to be a few lineup changes for the game on Saturday.
Watson - Hohlbein - McKenzie - Besler
Harrington - Jewsbury - Gomez
Lopez - Wolff

Key Match Up - Josh Wolff vs Geoff Cameron - Cameron is having a break out season playing in the center of defense for the Dynamo. Wolff hasn't scored since his brace against Salt Lake, and he'll have to be on his game for the Wizards to get a result out of this game.

PREDICTION - The Wizards have never defeated the Dynamo at home, and only once since the team moved from San Jose. The loss of Ching and Holden will have an effect, but the Wizards are going to have to play better than they have the past few games in order to get the full 3 points out of this game against a team that is currently the best in the league.

KC - 1 (Lopez)
Hou - 1 (Weaver)


jqs508 said...

Has Leathers fallen so far out of favor that moving him outside and Besler into the centerback spot isn't really an option?

Mike said...

Considering Leathers only plays on the right, it's a nonissue. Since he's been in KC I've only seen Leathers play on the right or in the middle. Harrington is the left back if Besler goes down.

Now as to why Harrington isn't put at left back and Besler pushed middle, I have zero clue.

Anonymous said...

Would be interesting to see Besler at centerback...played well there in college.

Anonymous said...

The subs may make the difference tonite.

jqs508 said...

See, Mike, that's why I ask you, the expert. Thanks!