Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Wizards top scorers through 1999

Back with the top 20 scorers in Wizards history through the 1999 season.

Here are the 1996, 1997, and 1998 top scorers as well.

The 1999 season was definitly one to forget for Wizards fans. The Wizards started the season 0-7, including two loses by shootout. Combine that with their 3 game losing streak to end the 1998 season, and the Wizards went 10 games without a win, finally earning their first win of the season May 8th against the Galaxy. They also did not score a goal until the 4th game of the season in their 2-1 shootout loss to San Jose, April 10th. It was the teams first goal since September 5th the year before. It was also the end of the line for the teams first coach, Ron Newman.

The number in parenthesis after the goal total is the players change in position from the year before. Pictures on this entry will only be of players who are making their first appearance on the list, for pictures of each player, check previous entries. So here are the top scorers through the 1999 season.

1. Preki - 47 (-)

2. Vitalis "Digital" Takawira - 28 (-)

3. Mo Johnston - 26 (-)

4. Mark Chung - 20 (-)

5. Paul Wright - 11 (-)

6. Frank Klopas - 7 (-)

7. Chris Klein - 6 (N/A) - A fan favorite for the Wizards for a long time on the wing before his trade to RSL before the 2006 season.

8T. Chris Brown - 4 (N/A) - Chris Brown is a great practice player, or at least that's what everyone said, because how else could it be justified to start him?

8T. Alex Bunbury - 4 (N/A) - Canadian international that played for the Wizards in 99 and 2000, but injuries in 2000 limited his appearances and these were all the goals he scored.

8T. Alexi Lalas - 4 (N/A) - Came over with Tony Meola from New York. This was his only season in the Wizards blue as he "retired" after the season, only to come back and play a few more years for LA.

8T. Matt McKeon - 4 (-1)

8T. Paul Rideout - 4 (-1)

8T. Mike Sorber - 4 (-1)

14T. Chris Henderson - 3 (N/A) - Another Wizards favorite who's always gotten a warm reception upon his return to KC, mainly for his efforts in helping the Wizards to the 2000 MLS Cup title. He's now back with the Wizards, this time as an assistant coach to Curt Onalfo.

14T. Ryan Tinsley - 3 (-4)

14T. Sean Bowers - 3 (-4)

14T. Alan Prampin - 3 (-4)

18T. Scott Uderitz - 2 (-5)

18T. Uche Okafor - 2 (-5)

20T. Francisco Gomez - 1 (N/A) - Better known for putting the ball into row Z then into the net for the Wizards, Gomez was thought to be a Preki replacement, but instead was drafted by Chivas in the expansion draft in 2005 before Preki had even retired.

20T. "Sneaky" Pete Marino - 1 (-5)

20T. Scott Vermillion - 1 (-5)

20T. Brian Johnson - 1 (-5)

20T. Edmundo Rodriguez - 1 (-5)

20T. Yari Allnutt - 1 (-5)

Another season, and this time there are finally 20 goal scorers in the Wizards history. This is also the last season that a player with only 1 or 2 goals appears on the list. The 2000 season will either be up later tonight or tomorrow.

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