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Moving on to the 2000 season in my short little series of blogs that cronicles the Wizards all time leading scorer as the league has progressed. We're now up to 2000.
Here are the previous seasons up to this point:
1996 - 1997 - 1998 - 1999

In 2000 the Wizards, under Bob Gansler, in his first full season won the supporters shield and MLS Cup. With the Danish Dynamite Miklos Molnar leading the way, the Wizards marched through the regular season amasing 57 points. In the playoffs came a moment many Wizards fans consider the greatest moment in team history. After tying their first to 6 point series against LA with a Molnar penalty, the Wizards and Galaxy went into the mini-game. Early in that mini-game Preki sent a long lofted ball deep into the Galaxy half of the field that Mo Johnston challenged Danny Califf for. Mo won the ball knocking it on to Molnar who beat Kevin Hartman, sending the Wizards to their first MLS Cup. The image below of Mo is an image most Wizards fans will never forget.

The number in parenthesis after the goal total is the players change in position from the year before. Pictures on this entry will only be of players who are making their first appearance on the list, for pictures of each player, check previous entries. So here are the top scorers through the 1999 season. Now onto the list.

1. Preki - 50 (-)

2. Mo Johnston - 30 (+1)

3. Vitalis "Digital" Takawira - 28 (-1)

4. Mark Chung - 20 (-)

5T. Chris Klein - 12 (2)

5T. Chris Henderson - 12 (9)

5T. Miklos Molnar - 12 (N/A) - The Danish Dynamite, the hero of the 2000 season for the Wizards. Leading goalscorer for the season even though he missed time while with the Danish national team at Euro 2000. Scored huge goals, including the winning goal in game 3 of the semifinals against LA, the mini-game winner of that series, and the MLS Cup winner against the Fire.

8. Paul Wright - 11 (-3)

9T. Matt McKeon - 7 (-1)

9T. Frank Klopas - 7 (-3)

11T. Chris Brown - 4 (-3)

11T. Alex Bunbury - 4 (-3)

11T. Alexi Lalas - 4 (-3)

11T. Paul Rideout - 4 (-3)

11T. Mike Sorber - 4 (-3)

16T. Francisco Gomez - 3 (+4)

16T. Gary Glasgow - 3 (N/A) - The first of 2 Trinidad and Tabago internationals to play for the Wizards, the other being Scott Sealy, Glasgow wasn't ever able to take on the bigger role that was likely expected of him after the retirement of Molnar after the 2000 season.

16T. Ryan Tinsley - 3 (-2)

16T. Sean Bowers - 3 (-2)

16T. Alan Prampin - 3 (-2)

There's your top 20 scorers through the 2000 season. The list will continue tomorrow, moving on to the 2001 season.

Who fell off:
Scott Uderitz
Uche Okafor
"Sneaky" Pete Marino
Scott Vermillion
Edmundo Rodriguez
Brian Johnson
Yari Allnutt

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