Monday, January 22, 2007

Wizards Top 20 goal scorers

I'm taking a page from something the Climbing the Ladder blog has done recently. He's posted the top 25 league goal scorers over the course of MLS's now 11 year existence. Any Wizards fan can probably tell you who the Wizards all time leading scorer is, he's our hero, recently named coach of Chivas USA, Preki. After that though, do people really know who the other top scorers are in the teams history? Sure you can guess at players that are up there, Mo Johnston, Digital Takawira, Josh Wolff, etc, but I was curious as to who the top scorers were as the seasons progressed. The majority of the pictures of the players come from the MLS Photo collection put together by the Climbing the Ladder blog.

So without further ado, here are the Wizards Top scorers for their inaugural season in 1996

1. Preki - 18 - A strong first season by Preki put him into the top spot in the first season and has yet to relinquish years later.

2. Vitalis "Digital" Takawira - 13 - Crawl Digital Crawl, the largest output from the popular Zimbabwean during his time with the team.

3. Mark Chung - 8 - Wizards first round pick in the 96 draft.

4. Mo Johnston - 6 - The current Toronto FC coach came into the league just in time to score 2 goals in what at the time was the highest scoring game in league history (KC 6-Columbus 4, May 2, 1996)

5. Mike Sorber - 4 - The Wizards first allocation.

6. Alan Prampin - 3 - Wizards 10th round pick, had 2 appearances for the US National team in 1993.

7T. Frank Klopas - 2 - Another of the Wizards original allocations, played 2 seasons with the Wizards before moving to his home town team in Chicago.

7T. Scott Uderitz - 2 - Had been playing indoor soccer before moving to the Wizards.

7T. Uche Okafor - 2 - Nigerian international anchored the Wizards defense until 1999.

10. Yari Allnut - 1 - Played a total of 45 minutes for the Wizards, scoring 1 goal.

So there is the Wizards 96 season, the Wizards only had 10 goal scorers that season. I'll get the 97 season up later and continue this.

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