Thursday, January 11, 2007

What Else Do You Talk About Today?

So on a day like today there really isn't much else you can talk about then...

David Beckham.

Yes, it's finally happened, Mr. David Beckham has come to the United States to Play for the LA Galaxy for the next 5 years. In a deal that can make him up to $250 million over that 5 year span. Now most people will look at that and say $50 million a year? The thing with that is that also includes the rights to his own image, meaning he'll earn the money from sales of his own merchandise.

Here's the breakdown of Beckham's $50 million a yearthat I found on another site:
  • MLS pays: $400,000/yr. per Designated Player rules
  • AEG is paying: $9 million/yr. (reported salary)
  • The rest has to come from Beckham retaining 100% of his image rights:
  • $44 million/yr. (reportedly)
  • Add all that up and you have approx. $55 million/yr. * 5 years = $250 million over 5 years.
One thing I am curious about is how the Galaxy will find another DP slot next year, as the grandfathering period ends for Donovan, Adu, Eddie Johnson, and any other MLS player that had been making over the salary cap and was grandfathered into the leagues new DP situation. I would think (and hope) that any MLS team that hasn't used their DP slot by next season would hold it for a kings ransom from LA. because everyone knows it'd be used to keep Donovan on the Galaxy. Knowing how MLS has done things in the past, LA will probably get it for like a first round draft pick and a fring roster player.

So now that Beckham is here, what's next? Looks like we could be getting another DP signing in the next week, as Ronaldo could be coming across the pond to join the Red Bulls. Claudio Reyna could be headed to the US as well, with the Red Bulls being the lead contender to land Captain America. Finally in the DP department, we could be seeing another DP signing coming as well. Buzz Carrick over at 3rd Degree is reporting that FC Dallas are in talks with Tottenham HotSpurs Edgar Davids about coming to the US.]

Some good news that has passed under the radar today, was this good news. Dempsey's work permit went through and he has now joined Fulham FC. Congrats to him on his move, and here's to hoping we get to see him doing his rap video immitations and other celebrations many times in the EPL.

Now I didn't want to end this entry without some Wizards info, and unfortuantely, it's sad news unfotunately. The Wizards have traded Dave van den Bergh to the Red Bulls for a 3rd Round Supplemental Pick. This move has pissed off myself along with other Wizards fans, as this isn't a 3rd round pick, it's a 3rd round pick in the draft after the SuperDraft, meaning it's likely gonna be a pick we either pass on or pick someone we cut in training camp. You can't tell me you couldn't get more for him then a 3rd round supplimental pick? This is a poor trade for the team, van den Bergh was coming around last season, he scored some big goals late in the season for us and had contributed quite a bit.

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