Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Salloi Loan Switched to Gyirmot FC Gyor

Daniel Salloi won't be returning to Kansas City, but he won't be playing for Vasas FC either. Sporting KC announced today that instead of being loaned to that club for the rest of 2016,he will instead be going to newly promoted club, Gyirmot FC Gyor. The timing of the move is a little odd considering the Hungarian league just kicked off this past weekend. Salloi's new club tied their first game in the top division with a 2-2 draw with Mezokovesd.

While on the surface the move is a little confusing, it becomes clearer with the revelation that former Sporting KC academy coach, Istvan Urbanyi is now the head coach of Gyirmot. Urbanyi had been a Sporting academy coach from 2014 until earlier this year when he left the club and took over Gyirmot. With that in mind and the fact that Urbanyi would have coached Salloi when he was in the KC academy, this move makes a ton of sense. Hopefully Salloi can get himself plenty of game experience.

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