Monday, July 25, 2016

Sporting Have Reportedly Received an Offer for Dom Dwyer

Fresh off a two goal performance on Sunday against the Seattle Sounders, the rumor mill is turning with Dom Dwyer transfer news. Late last night it was reported by Ives Galarcep that Sporting Kansas City had received a $3 million offer for the English forward from Greek club Olympiakos. Dwyer, who scored his ninth and tenth goals of the season in the win yesterday, is the club's second all-time leading scorer with 46 league goals.

While Kansas City may find the offer appealing, I'm not sure this is a move that Kansas City could or should make. After Dwyer, the team's next leading scorer is Benny Feilhaber with five goals, three from the penalty spot. KC just doesn't have the offensive ability to think that getting rid of Dwyer right now is a smart move. Selling Dwyer would be like Kansas City throwing in the towel on the season. It'd leave Kansas City with Diego Rubio as the club's only striker and would mean his back up would be Jacob Peterson or Cameron Porter, not a lineup that is going to give hope of an MLS Cup run. And with just over a week left in the transfer window for Kansas City there's not a lot of time for them to try to add depth (or another starter) if they were to make this deal.

While Olympiakos would certainly have its appeal, they're the defending Greek champions having gone 28-1-1 last season and are in the Champions League this season I'm not sure that Dwyer would want to make the move right now either. Dwyer and his wife, Sydney Leroux had been working to be in the same city since the couple got married in January of 2015. That goal finally came true for the pair when FC Kansas City acquired Leroux in a trade with Western New York. After the work they did to try to make that happen I'm not sure the pair is going to be that willing to go through that again, unless Leroux decides not to return to playing soccer after the birth of their first child later this year. While a salary in Europe wouldn't require Leroux to need to keep playing, I think she'd want to continue to play.

In the end I think Kansas City would need a bigger offer from Olympiakos to consider this move based on the rest of their roster at this time, and Dwyer probably will give some pause based on his family situation. A move while certainly possible has some things still in its way. And if you thought there were some mad KC fans when KC transferred Krisztian Nemeth to Qatar, just wait until you see the uproar a transfer of Dwyer will cause.

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