Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Polish Club Interested in Nemeth?

If you pressed most Sporting Kansas City fans they would probably tell you they expect a number of rumors this offseason about the potential departure of Hungarian forward Krisztian Nemeth. After one season that saw him score 16 goals in all competitions in 33 appearances fans had to expect that there would be interest for Nemeth with his European passport. With the January window over half over it has been a bit of a surprise there hasn't been more talk about him being linked abroad.

There has been one rumor that has come up in the last few days, and that's linking Nemeth with a move to Poland. Reports out of Poland are that MKS Cracovia Krakow, currently in third place in the Polish league are interested in acquiring the striker to help them push in the second half of the season.

Those rumors were followed shortly after by reports from Hungary that Nemeth was potentially on the way out of Kansas City due to wage demands by the Hungarian. Last season Nemeth was on a $250,000 salary according to the players union, but would seem set for a raise after his performance in 2015. With all the Targeted Allocation Money and General Allocation Money available to them, along with an open designated player spot, one would think that if KC really wanted to keep Nemeth in Sporting blue next season they have more than enough methods to keep him if they really want to.

To go along with that, KC may not want to get rid of Nemeth now simply because his stock could be higher this summer. With a likely call up to the Hungarian national team for this summer's Euros in France, KC may want to try to hold onto him at least until the summer for a potential bigger pay day.


Unknown said...

I'll be surprised if he goes to Poland. Glad he's still under the radar for clubs in relegation battles in European leagues. That was my biggest worry.

Anonymous said...

I'd be really disappointed if we 1) didn't retain him because of $$ or 2) if he wanted to go to GD Poland to play. I'd understand a Champions League type club, but cmon... Poland? and yes, I know that the Polish Champion can play in the Champions League but you get my point