Saturday, September 26, 2015

What We Want to Happen Today 9/26

Orlando City pulled out the big win on the road last night. Like I said yesterday, it doesn't directly affect Kansas City, but it does give some potential hope for Sporting KC as they move towards the end of the season. There's a full slate of Saturday games today to keep an eye on for Kansas City.

Chicago at Toronto
What we want to happen - Chicago win

Like most of the games that I've done this for this year this game is about potential MLS Cup hosting if KC happens to make it there. If Chicago can get a win it'll keep Toronto four points behind KC. I'm not sure it's a likely scenario though with Chicago having come from the midweek loss in Montreal.

DC at Montreal
What we want to happen - draw

DC is one point clear of KC, Montreal is five points behind, this is also all about potential MLS Cup hosting. With the games in hand you don't want Montreal to move closer to KC, but with so few games left, you don't want DC moving four points clear of KC. So the point for each may be the safer option, keeping both teams close.

Philadelphia at New England
What we want to happen - Philadelphia win

I'm never one to wish injuries on people, so I won't for Philadelphia a few days before the US Open Cup final. From reports it also sounds like they'll be resting a number of players for the Open Cup final, which will make this result tough to happen. New England is two points clear of KC, so keeping them close is important in terms of MLS Cup hosting if KC can make it. On the other hand a loss for Philadelphia may not be bad either in terms of confidence heading into Wednesday's game.

Portland at Columbus
What we want to happen - Columbus win

I'm going against some of my comments earlier and not worrying about MLS Cup hosting with this one. Portland sits three points behind KC in sixth place in the Western Conference. KC wants Portland to keep that three point gap with KC and not make things tighter for them with their focus likely elsewhere.

Colorado at Houston
What we want to happen - Colorado win

A Colorado win, while it would allow the Rapids to pull closer to KC, would keep Houston from getting even close. Colorado currently sits on 34 while Houston is on 38. A loss by Houston would leave them six points back with them only having three games to play, still able to catch KC, but a bit harder.

New York City at Vancouver
What we want to happen - NYCFC win

It'll be difficult for NYCFC to make the playoffs at this point, but a win here would leave Vancouver still just four points ahead of KC in the Western Conference.

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