Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Highlight From Friday

There really weren't a lot of things involved in Friday night's Sporting KC game that KC fans would consider highlights. KC had a few moments of good play that could/should have led to goals, but some poor finishing and saves by Zach MacMath kept KC off the scoreboard.

In fact for the most part there really was only 1 highlight for Sporting KC fans, the national anthem. On Friday Dr. Cameron Smith had the honor of singing the anthem before the nationally televised game. Unfortunately for the Doctor, as he started to sing, the microphone did not work for him. As is tradition in many stadiums as the anthem singer started singing, so did a great number of fans in the stadium. Once it was realized that the microphone wasn't working, there was a second or two of confusion before the fans just took over. Really the volume of the anthem singers seemed to really pick up when the video board showed KC forward CJ Sapong singing the anthem. At that point the rest of the stadium really picked up the volume and it turned into a fantastic moment.

Too bad it was the only highlight of the night for KC.

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