Monday, September 02, 2013

Kei Kamara Transfer Deadline Day Tracking UPDATE DEAL DONE

Here's a break down of how transfer deadline day in the UK has gone with regards to Sporting Kansas City forward, Kei Kamara.

First thing this morning while most KC fans were still in bed, word came out of northern England that Kamara was on a flight to England to finalize a deal for a move to Middlesbrough in the English Championship. Sky Sports shortly after picked up on the news and added the names Crystal Palace, Danish club FC Copenhagen, and Spanish club Rayo Vallecano to the list of potential targets for the Sierra Leone international.

Initially when reading these comments this morning, I laughed them off. The reason for this was the fact that Kamara was already headed to Europe because he was on his way to join the Sierra Leone national team. And to get to Freetown, Sierra Leone he has always had to travel to Europe first. So the news that he was headed to Europe wasn't a big surprise and nothing to get too worked up about. I held that feeling until this:

With Heineman's comments it turned the situation from speculative into likely. Fans started to really go through the five stages of grief on Twitter and on the Cauldron Facebook page. Worries of how the team would cope with his leaving and who would step up.

As the afternoon has worn on in the US, news continues to trickle out regarding what was going on with Kamara. First the reports that he was at the Newcastle airport on his way for a medical at Middlesbrough, which really killed my theory of him just flying over on his way to Sierra Leone.

Now here we sit a little over an hour from the deadline and the latest reports are that Kamara is set to sign a two year deal at the Riverside.

I'll continue to update this the rest of the day regarding Kamara's transfer that at this point looks inevitable.

UPDATE: Less than 20 minutes before the deadline, the Kamara deal to Middlesbrough is done per Sky Sports. A two year deal. The rumored transfer fee earlier today was just above $2 million.

Kamara has confirmed the deal is done on Twitter.


Nathan Martin said...

Wow, this was out of left field. It's unfortunate that our transfer windows don't lineup.

$2 million pays the base salary for the bottom 23 players on the roster.

At least there's plenty of room to pay Saad (currently $46,500).

Not sure if this will mean Zusi stays out right and Feilhaber stays in or that Zusi drops back and Sapong comes in.

Either way the goals by Feilhaber & then Zusi on a Sapong assist now loom larger.

Nathan Martin said...

Went through the rosters of teams already out of the playoffs. Unsurprisingly, there's not much there.

Sainey Nyassi, who has been out with a hip abductor strain, is the only winger that caught my eye. He'd struggle to make the 18.

Looks like this is it for 2013.