Wednesday, September 25, 2013

New Players Salaries

The MLS Players Union has released updated salaries for the MLS players. Included in the list are all the players that were signed since the transfer window closed and the roster deadline.  For Kansas City there are three additions to the list. Jimmy Medranda and Brendan Ruiz, the two players signed on the day the MLS transfer window closed, and Federico Bessone, who the team signed on the roster freeze date are included.

Medranda and Ruiz are both making the league minimum, $32,125 both base and guaranteed compensation. Bessone, is not making a ton more, he is on $46,500 a year under both categories as well.

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James S said...

Just for the sake of clarity, with Medranda on a loan this figure only represents what Sporting Kansas City are paying Medranda against the cap, he as part of the loan deal may still be getting many times more from his parent club.

Appreciate you Mike.