Thursday, June 27, 2013

Dwyer Returning to KC

So according to Robb Heineman this morning, Sporting KC's first round draft pick last year, Dom Dwyer will be returning to Kansas City after Orlando City was knocked out of the US Open Cup last night. 

Can't say it's a totally surprising move, Dwyer leads the USL-Pro division in goals this season, with 15 in 13 games. He's added another 3 in the US Open Cup this year. With KC having offensive troubles recently, there have been a few fans that have called for Dwyer to return to KC since he's been hot. I'd thought KC would wait until the USL season ended before recalling him unless a crisis hit, and I'm not sure we've hit that.

A question in response to this move is who KC sends to Orlando to replace Dwyer.  Part of KC's deal with Orlando is that there will be 4 players in Orlando.  With Dwyer returning that leaves just 3, Christian Duke, Jon Kempin, and Yann Songo'o.  So it's a question of who goes back down.  My initial thought is on Soony Saad, who with the return of Teal Bunbury has found himself further down the depth chart.  But we'll see.


Unknown said...

If not Soony, who? Kevin? Kyle? What would be another possibility?

Anonymous said...

Mikey Lopez, after the U-20s are done? Though I would hate to give away any more midfield depth until I knew the Gold Cup rosters.

Unknown said...

Maybe Teal goes down for a while to build up his game fitness? If not Teal, then I would say either Mikey or Soony.

If PV continues to use Zusi in midfield [as he should], then I am not too worried about our midfield depth.