Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday After Stats

In the 4th minute, Jimmy Nielsen moved past Sasha Victorine and into 18th place for minutes played in league play.  Nielsen finished the game with 8,707 minutes played.

In the 1st minute Nielsen broke his tie with Chris Brown and took sole possession of 20th place on the list in all competitions, finishing the game with 9,547 minutes played.

Nielsen made his 106th start in all competitions, breaking his tie with Bo Oshoniyi for 19th on that list and tied him with Roger Espinoza for 19th.

It was Nielsen's 97th start in league play, breaking his tie with Victorine for 18th on that list.

The draw was the 27th of Nielsen's career in league play for Sporting, tying him with Oshoniyi for 2nd all time on that list.

In the 68th minute, Matt Besler moved past Jose Burciaga and into 14th place for minute played in all competitions, Besler finished the game with 10,647 minutes played.

Besler made his 106th league appearance for KC, tying him with Victorine for 20th place on that list.

Besler made his 117th start in all competitions, breaking his tie with Uche Okafor for 15th on that list.

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kcwookie said...

I see our problem as lack of leadership from the manager. We play the same way every time. Watching Kamara here and in Norwich proves the point. Kie is more disciplined and is usually where he needs to be. KC throws bodies at the goal and doesn't score. We also seem to concede the middle of the pitch and prefer to work up the sides. We have talent on the pitch, we need talent in the front office.