Friday, March 15, 2013

Results of Sporting KC Rival Questions

A few days ago on Twitter I asked Kansas City fans to list their top three rivals in order for a post I did ahead of MLS' rivalry week and whether tomorrow's opponent, the Chicago Fire, really was Kansas City's rival in the eyes of the fans (at least those that responded to me).

The full results of the responses I got are below.

I received 57 responses.  Of those, there were a few that didn't give answers for 1 through 3.  Some gave only 1 answer, some gave 2. There was also one ballot that didn't list a number 1 rival, just 2 and 3.  So that's why you'll see the second and third place votes less than the first place votes.

Houston appeared on 54 of the 57 votes, appearing first 34 times, second 16 times, and third 4 times. 

Chicago (KC's "rival" according to MLS and pushed by the team) isn't seen as the main rival, appearing on 48 of the 57 votes.  18 first place votes, 16 second place, and 14 third.

The team with the third most votes was Seattle, appearing getting 32 votes, 4 first place votes, 14 second, and 14 third.

Of the rest of the votes, they were scattered between 6 other teams.  DC was the highest of those, earning 2 second place votes and 3 third.  New York was behind them with 1 second place vote and 3 third.  Los Angeles got 2 third place votes.  Dallas, Philadelphia, and Portland all got 1 third place vote each.

And then for humor purposes Simon Borg, the defunct Tampa Bay Mutiny, and Manchester United all got 1 third place vote as well.

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