Wednesday, March 20, 2013

FCKC Unveil Jerseys and Sponsor

FC Kansas City today unveiled their team's jerseys for this year as well as their first jersey sponsor as well.  The jersey sponsor is Title Boxing Club.  The boxing/kickboxing fitness club first started in the Kansas City metro back in 2008.  I think the sponsorship matches up well with the Blues and fits well with both sides.

The team also unveiled their three jerseys, a blue, black, and white.  See them here.

The Blues also played their first preseason game yesterday, beating the University of Missouri women's team 6-2.  A good start to their preseason.  The team also announced that they'll have another preseason game at Julian Field on the campus of Park University on April 6th. 

So far with the NWSL, a few teams have lost 1 or 2 of their allocated players for one reason or another.  FCKC has now joined that list.  Marylin Diaz, a defender on the Mexican national team is not going to be coming to Kansas City. No reason was given to Thad as to the reason why she isn't going to be coming to the Blues.

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