Friday, May 18, 2012

Espinoza to Mexico?

Yesterday on "The Gringo Report" from MLS, there was a quick mention at the bottom of the article about players heading to Mexico for trials.  The one name specifically that is mentioned is Kansas City's Roger Espinoza.  I'd spent a little time last night looking for a source on where those rumors had come from, but wasn't able to find anything in the Mexican media about it (I'll be searching more today and will update if I find any). 

When asked about this by Steve Brisendine, a source inside the team called the rumor "silly".  During the season I'd absolutely agree that this is a silly rumor, Espinoza is having a career year at the moment and is doing a great job in the midfield.  After the season though is another question.  My understanding is that this is a contract year for Espinoza, and if he's a free agent after the season, anything could happen.  If Espinoza was to go abroad after this season, Mexico would be the most likely location in my eyes.  I can't see Espinoza making the jump to Europe, but I think Mexico would fit well with his style of play.  Hopefully KC is able to hold onto him as he's done extremely well since moving to midfield, but if he continues to play well he is going to attract that interest.

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