Thursday, May 17, 2012

Espinoza and Vermes Appear to Avoid Disciplinary Committee

Today the MLS Disciplinary Committee announced the suspensions and fines for the past week.  Brek Shea and Mamadou Danso picked up suspensions for actions this past week, but two names were absent from the list.  Roger Espinoza and Peter Vermes were both missing from the list.

Espinoza had picked up a red card for an elbow to Sebastian Grazzini while going for a ball.  Originally KC thought that they might appeal Espinoza's red card but decided against it.  What likely saved Espinoza from a 3 game suspension was the fact that while Espinoza's elbow was extended, he didn't move the elbow, it stayed in the position it was in.  If he'd had moved it out towards Grazzini more I'm definitely sure he would have gotten a longer suspension.

The one that I may be more surprised about though is the lack of a fine for Vermes for his comments immediately post game.  On KSMO immediately after the game, Vermes had some very critical comments of the referee for their loss to Chicago, saying he'd made the game about himself and called him the man of the match.  No fine though has been announced by the league though.

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