Saturday, June 26, 2010

Wizards Turned Down By Montenegrin Defender

So I found a post online that said Rapid Vienna defender, Milan Jovanovic had turned down an offer from "Kansas." I went searching online and found this article talking about it. Earlier this week, Thad at The Back Post had mentioned that along with the DP the team was looking at a non-DP defender. Could Jovanovic of been that defender that was being referred to? Or was this another defender who turned the club down before they found the one mentioned by Thad? Apparently Vienna is trying to unload the defender and he's turned down offers from KC, Norwegian teams, and others as well. We all know how well we can trust Wikipedia, but according to that he hasn't played a whole lot of games anywhere he's been, although he also hasn't spent more than 2 years at any club he's been at either. He was a member of the Montenegrin national team in their 2010 World Cup qualifying campaign where they finished 6th in their group behind Italy, Ireland, Bulgaria, and Cyprus, but ahead of Georgia.

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