Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Byline 2 Back Post

This week's From the Byline to the Back Post is up for your listening pleasure on iTunes and Posterous. This week Thad and I discuss the World Cup, the USA's game against Ghana, the comments made by Jurgen Klinsmann about the state of US Soccer, how to end draws, the Wizards designated player news, the games against New York and Dallas, and more. Enjoy.

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bfos said...

RE: Extra Time rules.

This is my idea for what to do to decide games that are tied after regulation....

I think each team should be allowed at least 2 additional substitutes. Extra Time periods would be 15 minutes as they are now, but after each extra time period one or two players from each team would be removed from the game to open up the game. At a certain point, maybe 6 or 7 players remaining per side, if the game were still tied, it would then go to PK's, but that would almost never happen. I also believe the golden ball should return. I find it silly that a game that has such a problem with deciding tied games would not be sudden death in extra time. It's not like in the NFL where it's a problem that one team may not have an opportunity at possession.