Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Byline to Back Post 6/15/10

This week's From the Byline to the Back Post is up for you on iTunes and Posterous for your downloading and listening pleasure. This week Thad and I discussed the World Cup as a whole, including the ball and the vuvuzelas, along with the games. We also discuss the US-England game, the Wizards-Union game, and other Wizards news, including the recently released salaries. Enjoy.


Ben said...

The old recaps do show up on the schedule. You have to click on the arrows next to "all times eastern", next to the month.

Ben said...

Oh I had downloaded last week's podcast when I posted that, in response to the opening stuff about

Mike said...

Ben, I know they're on the site, I was referencing the fact that the recaps aren't linked on all the games on the Wizards site. Like opening day, the Seattle game, LA game, etc. They don't have any recaps linked next to them.