Monday, June 28, 2010

Wizards News

Here's some information that likely isn't really needing it's own thread, but some things that I want to touch on real quick.

First, the Wizards Juniors were in North Carolina this past weekend for the group phase of the US Soccer Developmental Academy playoffs. The Juniors started the weekend on Friday night when they took on the Baltimore Bays. After taking the lead early, the Juniors missed a PK, then conceded 2 goals to lose to the top seeded Bays 2-1. Saturday night the Juniors took on the Dallas Texans in their second group game. Jordy Rideout scored the lone goal, his second of the weekend as they defeated the Texans 1-0. Today the Juniors defeated Chivas USA's team 2-0 on goals by Lucas Throckmorton and Derek Schrick. Unfortunately the Bays took care of the Texans to advance as the group winner. You can see the final group standings here. Congrats to the Juniors on a strong season and finishing second in their group even though they were the "32nd and final" team in.

In more news from the senior team, word from Thad at The Back Post in a post on Bigsoccer, Thad posted that Stephane Auvray is now no longer an international player. Auvray apparently now has his green card. This along with the Igor Kostrov/Jamar Beasley moves early this season currently gives the Wizards two international spots that they can use on players including a DP and the other non-DP that Thad has mentioned previously. Whether the Wizards now use these two spots is still up in the air.

Finally, for those that missed it last Saturday I made a post about the Wizards being turned down by Montenegrin defender, Milan Jovanovic who currently plays for Rapid Vienna. Later that same day, Robb Heineman tweeted back to me that he had never heard of the guy. Can't say I'm extremely disappointed about that. While Jovanovic is an international defender, and the Wizards could definitely use some help on the back line, the Wizards should be able to pick up someone else.

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