Monday, November 02, 2009

Worst EVER?!?

Got this from over at Hillcrest Road, and figured I'd pass it on cause it's pretty cool. The Wiz(ards) are one of 3 soccer teams nominated in the poll on the ESPN blog, Uni Watch, for the worst soccer uniforms. While the Wiz(ards) have plenty of potential nominees (as seen by the photo below), it's the 96-97 jerseys that are nominated in this competition. In my opinion they don't have a chance of winning as they are up against (in my opinion) the worst uniforms ever in any sport, the famous Caribou of Colorado jerseys from the NASL. Not everyone has the guts to try to pull off fringe, but the Caribous did.

It's also amusing when I think about the fact that I own two of those jerseys on that list (I also own the 94 US jersey).

And here's the jersey in question, along with every other home jersey in team courtesy of Thad Bell.


Unknown said...

I like the 3ed from the left!!

Jeremy said...

They're not that terrible.