Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Draft Day Thoughts

So in less than half an hour, Philadelphia is going to be putting in their list of players that they are selecting in this year's expansion draft. With all the talk the last two days about it, and reading everything that people are saying, it's been interesting. A lot of Philadelphia fans are thinking that Kevin Hartman would be a great pick up for them, an immediate starter, which is most definitely true. Hartman would come in and possibly immediately be handed the captains arm band depending on who else is picked up by the Union. He's been the most consistent Wizards player over the past two years and has been my MVP pick the last two years. Losing him would be a massive blow for the Wizards.

My original thought for Philly's pick, Herculez Gomez hasn't gotten a lot of mentions, Gomez would be an immediate starter in Philly's team, but the lack of mention certainly has shaken my thought in who would be taken. Another name being mentioned a lot by bloggers and pundits, is the Wizards first round pick in the 08 draft, Matt Besler. He'd give Philadelphia a versitile defender who can play both centrally and on the left.

My thought, and worry, now is that the Union will go and grab Besler with their pick. He offers youth with some starting experience in the league that would give them something to work with. His ability to play as a wide defender and centrally gives Peter Nowak the potential to play him as a left back in a 3 man system that he liked to use when he coached DC. We'll find out what happens soon, but I also wouldn't be surprised if the Wizards have already worked out some under the table deal with the Union on who to take, if anyone.


MOUFWASH said...

While he (Besler) "can" play left back, i highly doubt anyone would select him for that purpose, center back is his best spot.

Ives seemed to think Hohlbein would be selected.

I think Jewsbury is getting moved to the backline... This comes from who they left exposed and my general thought that he belongs there for various reasons.

Mike said...

I don't think Jack is moving back to the back line. If they were, they wouldn't have protected Leathers who plays right back, the same position Jack had played on the back line.

MOUFWASH said...

I thought that Leathers was exposed, my mistake.