Thursday, November 05, 2009

We Will Break Ground this Year

That's what Wizards President Robb Heineman posted tonight over on Bigsoccer. Heineman said that "Unless the world falls apart, we will break ground this year." So while news hasn't really been forth coming in regards to what's going on with either the Legends deal or a potential deal on the Missouri side, it appears that things are definitely very close.

The question now is which location. Is it going to be the Legends location right across the street from Nebraska Furniture Mart, or potentially moving back to the Bannister Mall location? Hopefully we'll find out soon, and soon after all Wizards fans will be gathering out at the location clapping and cheering as the ceremonial first shovels dig up the first bits of dirt.

1 comment:

MOUFWASH said...

Nice to hear something in regards..

I assume from what we have heard before that its more like the KS side, but who knows at this point..