Saturday, November 07, 2009

Chet North Athletic Trainer of the Year

Forgot to make this post yesterday, but Wizards head athletic trainer, Chet North has been named MLS Athletic Trainer of the Year. Thad over at The Back Post has a great interview up with North that you can check out as well.

North is the only person with the Wizards organization who has been there since the first season 14 years ago. Which makes him one of the only people in the league who has been there since the first season, a huge accomplishment. I know from my short discussions with him during practices and the open tryouts that he has some amazing stories to tell about the history of the league. He talks a little bit about some of those stories in the interview with Thad. But he'd be one person that I'd love to read a book from because I'm sure it'd be full of great stories.

Congratulations to North on winning the award.

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