Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Wishes for 2009

So tomorrow is New Years Eve and that means it's almost 2009. Time to take a look at some wishes for the year of 2009.

1. Ground breaking on the stadium - I wanted this to happen last year and obviously it didn't happen. So now it's time to push this back to next year. With all the hurdles cleared for the stadium it's much more likely that the ground breaking will happen this year.

2. 10-15 goal scorer for the Wizards - With last years top scorer scoring only 7 goals, I want a guy that will score 10-15 goals next year. It can be a new player, Claudio Lopez, or even Jimmy Conrad, I don't care I just want a guy that can put the ball in the next consistently.

3. US qualifies for World Cup 2010 - The Hex starts this February, so the US will begin the final phase. I'd hope by the midway point of qualifying that the team was well on it's way to qualifying for South Africa. A bonus would be a qualifier in KC, which is really unlikely, but I can hope.

4. US does well at the Confederations Cup - As Gold Cup champs from last year, the US gets to play in South Africa this summer in the Confederations Cup against Italy, Brazil, and Egypt, probably the hardest group the US could have gotten, but hopefully the US does well.

5. Some Silverware - I'll keep asking for it until we get it. The Wizards have 4 chances in the 2009 season with both the MLS regular season, the playoffs, US Open Cup, and SuperLiga. Hopefully the US can bring home some silverware from at least one of those.

6. Lopez has a 2009 season like the end of the 2008 season - Lopez ended the 2008 season very well, but the majority of his season was underwhelming for a designated player. Hopefully in the 2009 season he can play more like he did at the end of the season and less like the rest of it.

7. A blowout home win - The Wizards haven't won a game by more than 3 goals since the home opener of the 2007 season against Toronto (that's 1 time in Onalfo's 2 years with the Wizards). In 2009 I'd like to see a nice big home win for the Wizards, a game where we just completely blow out the team, we catch them on a bad day or things just come together for us. It'd be great to have a game where the fans aren't stressing at the end about a late equalizer or something.

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