Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Jewsbury Gets Call Up

Most of you already know this probably, Jack Jewsbury has received his first call up to a US Men's National Team Camp. Jewsbury today was named to the first camp of the year (affectionately called "Camp Cupcake" by posters on bigsoccer). This is Jewsbury's first time being called up to any level of the national team. The camp begins on January 4th in LA in preparation for the friendly against Sweden on the 24th. Jewsbury was one of nine midfielders named to the team, and the only Wizards player to be named to the team.

It's disappointing that Jewsbury was the only one named, because there were probably 3 other Wizards that were pretty deserving of a call up. Davy Arnaud, who was called up for the last World Cup Qualifier, Jimmy Conrad, who has mysteriously not been called up for a long time, and Michael Harrington, who had a solid sophomore season, but hasn't had a call up since the U-23 trip to China in 2007.

Again, sorry for the late write up, my current job keeps me from not having much access to my blog. So if anyone knows of any openings for a guy who has experience in desktop and remote support and likes to write about soccer the rest of the time, feel free to contact me.

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