Thursday, December 04, 2008

The Mall is Coming Down

Lane4, OnGoal, and the Wizards got their wish from the KC City Council, as they approved extra $30 million incentives for the Three Trails development at the old Bannister Mall site. The money does come with caveats attached to it to make sure the development goes well. This is big news, as it appears to be the very last step that is needed for demolition and construction to begin on the site. With the state of the economy, Lane4 had been looking to get the incentives for the project.

The article also has a very early plan on when demolition at the mall can begin. Owen Buckley of Lane4 says that they want to get demolition going sometime in the next 60-120 days. Not exactly as early as people wanted the mall to start being destroyed, but it'll be nice to finally see construction begin on this project. The interesting point about the development comes from Buckley in the final paragraph where he talks about retailers preparing for an economic rebound, and with the area not schedule to be completed until 2010-2011, it's getting retailers attention.

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