Thursday, December 18, 2008

No More Supplemental Draft

Ives Galarcep is reporting that with the new roster changes, MLS will scrap the leagues second draft, the supplemental draft. This seemed to be an expected move with rosters being reduced to 24, it doesn't make sense to have another 4 rounds to draft after you already have 4. The players that would have been taken in this draft will now become free agents if they're not taken, able to negoiate with any MLS team. With the roster changes, this is a smart move, but overall I was not a fan of the roster changes period, so it's just the continuation of a move I didn't like.

As for what this means to the Wizards, at the time of this announcement, the team had 4 picks in the supplemental draft, one in each round according to the blog Climbing the Ladder (second entry). It does have some implications for previous trades the team has made. The Wizards had been scheduled to receive Real Salt Lake's first round supplemental pick as part of the Yura Movsisyan trade. The team also owed one of their two first round supplemental picks (the RSL pick included) to Colorado as part of the Herculez Gomez trade. What is to be done with this now is not known, and it could be nothing at all.

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