Tuesday, December 02, 2008

End of Season Grades

The Wizards season ended almost a month ago, but I'm now getting to the end of the season player grades for the Wizards. I'm including any player that played for the Wizards since my midseason grades, meaning players like Ryan McMahen and Sasha Victorine are still listed here, while players who were gone before midseason grades like Scott Sealy and Eloy Colombano, are not listed.

Davy Arnaud - A- - While he missed the first part of the season he picked up the level of play in the second half and was very important to the Wizards late season run after his move to the attacking midfield position.

Jimmy Conrad - A - Second leading scorer on the team this year with 6 goals as a defender is a great season, but Conrad was also a finalist for Defender of the Year and a named to the leagues Best XI.

Roger Espinoza - C+ - The Wizards rookie of the year improved over the second half of the season, scoring his first goal and being more composed. It looks like he's been able to move past the two red cards earlier in the season.

Herculez Gomez - B+ - Another huge part of the Wizards late season run, Gomez only got one goal but his play all over the field was a great compliment to Arnaud. The only thing keeping him from an A was his red card in the playoff game against the Crew.

Michael Harrington - B - There was no sophomore slump for Harrington, who put in a solid season while playing in everyone of the Wizards games in all competitions. He didn't produce a ton of stats, but has brought stability to the left back slot.

Kevin Hartman - A - Hartman had a great season for the Wizards, he was tied for the league lead in shutouts and played every minute of every league game for the second straight season.

Aaron Hohlbein - B- - Gained the starting spot next to Conrad earlier in the season, but lost it later due to injury around the time the Wizards went on their late season run, and Hohlbein never got back on the field. In his time on the field he looked good and will likely come into next season as the predicted started next to Conrad in central defense.

Jack Jewsbury - B+ - Jack looks like he may finally have a permanent position with the Wizards. He seems to have settled into the defensive midfield position very well and has become the heir to Kerry Zavagnin in that position it looks like.

Michael Kraus - INC - Made his first appearance in an MLS game in the Wizards playoff loss to the Crew, other then that, he's only appeared in Open Cup games. While he's avoided the first waiver call, I still have my doubts he'll be here next year.

Eric Kronberg - B - Played in the Wizards 3 games involving the Open Cup, allowing 4 goals, but showed that he can be a dependable keeper as well. He picked up 3 shutouts for the Wizards reserves as well this season.

Jonathan Leathers - B+ - With Jewsbury moving to the defensive midfield position and Chance Myers being injured or sick most of the season, it was Leathers' responsibility to take over the right back slot. Leathers filled the role well and showed that the Wizards may finally have a set right back as well.

Claudio Lopez - B - His late season run definitely helped his grade this year, finishing the regular season with 6 goals and 7 assists. I'd still like a little bit more out of him, especially if he's going to stay as a designated player next season.

Carlos Marinelli - F - Such a waste, Marinelli certainly had the talent to be a great player, but injuries and attitude have spoiled that career. His time in KC is over.

Matt Marquess - B- - Looks like he could become a servicable back up to Harrington at the left back position.

Rauwshan McKenzie - INC - Only appearance was 45 minutes in the Open Cup against Seattle. Doubt he'll be back.

Ryan McMahen - INC - Was waived to make room on the roster for Abe Thompson.

Kurt Morsink - C- - Seemed to fall out of favor as the season wore on. Morsink did have some games where he showed a lot of potential, but he didn't show enough to improve his midseason grade.

Chance Myers - C- - Missed most of the season with injury and recovering from mono made for a difficult rookie season for the number 1 overall pick. With Leathers good play at right back, Myers will have to fight hard to earn the starting spot next season.

Boris Pardo - INC - Third string keeper, got as many games with the reserves as a forward as he did in goal (1 each).

Nelson Pizarro - INC - Only 40 minutes in league play this season, not a whole lot to base grading.

Ryan Pore - D- - Pore's time in KC is finally over, and it couldn't come soon enough for some fans. After the acqusistion of Thompson and Gomez Pore found himself off the bench, basically sealing his fate.

Kevin Souter - B - Fought his way into the starting lineup after a few games coming off the bench. He scored 1 goal and looked like a player that can definitely contribute in the future.

Abe Thompson - D - While he did enough to earn a passing grade by being a guy that could hold the ball up and lay it off, his inability to finish was too much to ignore. The biggest miss was his miss with the Wizards down 1-0 in the second leg of the playoff series with Columbus.

Ivan Trujillo - D- - Started off so brightly, but faded quickly, finished with that lone goal and by the end was passed by Michael Kraus on the depth chart. Now out of KC and likely headed back to Colombia.

Sasha Victorine - C+ - Victorine provided veteran leadership but was having trouble getting time on the field for KC before his trade to Chivas, where he promptly scored against his former team.

Tyson Wahl - B - Wahl had a strong season pairing with Conrad for the majority of the season. Could develop into a strong defender, but won't do it in KC.

Lance Watson - INC - Only played 59 MLS minutes this season, appears to be another plyaer likely on his way out.

Kerry Zavagnin - C+ - As the season went on, Kerry's playing time decreased. His leadership on the field definitely showed through, and I'd hope that he gets a job with the team next season.

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Good breakdown, I dont think I would change one grade.