Friday, May 25, 2007

Undermanned Wizards to take on New England

The Wizards have not been able to field their full first team yet this season. First Marinelli was not up to fitness yet, then Scott Sealy went down with an injury. The closest the Wizards have come to a full first team, was in the second half of the US Open Cup against Salt Lake, when Marinelli subbed in the game.

The Wizards will continue to be without their full first team this weekend in New England as they take on the Revolution. According to the preview on MLSnet, and from his radio show on Wednesday, Jimmy Conrad is ruled out for the match due to his hamstraing strain. Sealy is also listed as being out for this match, but according to a poster on bigsoccer who went out to practice yesterday, Sealy was at least practicing. Also from his observations though, was that Jose Burciaga did not practice, neither did Nick Garcia. Which left the converted midfielder, Jack Jewsbury as the only starting defender that practiced. Not a good sign when you are going to be taking on the league's leading scorer, Taylor Twellman. From his observations and overhearing Coach Onalfo talking, this is apparently what the lineup will look like in New England:

Jewsbury - Hohlbein - Garcia - Wahl
Arnaud - Victorine - Harrington
Movsisyan - Johnson

That defense scares me quie a bit, especially with Steve Ralston on the wing for Tyson Wahl to contend with. I'd probably feel more comfortable with Michael Harrington moving back to left back and playing Kurt Morsink in the middle in front of him. While that takes away Harrington's attacking ability, it at least gives us a player who has played left back more then Wahl, who is more of a center back.

I'm not to optimistic about this game, the Wizards are playing well below full strength right now.

KC - 1 (Johnson)
NE - 2 (Twellman, Ralston)

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