Thursday, May 24, 2007

Cerner Takeover?

I heard an interesting rumor from a friend of mine today, he was asking if I'd heard about the possible takeover of Cerner. I told him I had not and immediately went to my computer to see what I could find. I was able to find this article online in the Kansas City Star's business section.

Apparently Cerner is being eyed by General Electric. Co. and McKesson Corp. Although an analysis dismisses these rumored takeovers, it's still an interesting topic.

Why you might ask in a blog about soccer, would a rumored takeover being interesting? Well, when one of the owners of the Wizards is the chairman of the board, chief executive officier, and co-founder of Cerner, Neal Patterson, and another is currently vice chairman of the board of Cerner, Clifford Illig, that's when.

The takeover could have and immediate impact on the current state of the Wizards, depending on what happens if/when the takeover occurs, do Patterson and Illig stay on in some way or do they leave the company?

The main question though is how a move like this would affect the Wizards. That I do not know, I don't pretend to be a business savvy person. I'll leave the answers to those questions to people that know more about the topic, but I thought this was something worth mentioning to my readers.

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