Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Houston, We Have a Problem

Corny title I know, but it's the best I could come up with. So I was going through some blogs I will normally read, and I came across this entry from My Soccer Blog about the Dynamo game this weekend. Apparently there was an incident in one of Houston's 2 supporters sections, El Batallón involving a flag pole, a few cops, a racist comment, and a walkout by both the Batallón and the Texian Army.

There are two stories about the incident, one from the front office and one from the supporters group themselves. Both views can be found in this Houston Chronicle blog about the incident as well. The front office first said they were expelled for throwing objects at stadium security and police, the second said they voluntarily left after an incident with a flagpole hitting a lady. The lady apparently required stiches.

The story from the supporters group is quite different. They say that the lady was only had the fabric of the flag brush her. Security decided to step in and took the flag. Members of the group went and tried to get the flag back, but were unable to and when arrest was threatened, the group left. In that blog entry you will see that one of the responses says that one of the officers threw out a racist comment towards, the mostly Latino, El Batallón.

I'm sure the truth of this story is somewhere in between the front office's version and the version from El Batallón. We'll likely never get the true story out of this.

Thankfully the Cauldron itself has never had an incident of this magnitude take place inside the section. While there's been the odd throwing out and stern talking to, there's never been an incident with Arrowhead security that hasn't been able to be talked out with them. Security and the front office have usually been very accomdating of the section and what it does to bring some atmosphere to the games at Arrowhead stadium.

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Blue Blooded Journo said...

It's a good this these things aren't commonplace.

BTW, I dig the new spot the Cauldron has in relation to the tv camera.