Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Former Wizards

I was cruising the other day, and was on the Revolution board on there looking at their pregame thread for last weekends game against KC, and came across this thread. It got me thinking of the former Wizards that are not only playing in MLS and the USL now, but also those that are playing around the world. With me being a lover of stats stuff like this, I took on the challenge.

So I pulled out my 2007 media guide, which is already showing wear and tear from all the times I've looked through it, and started researching through the Wizards all time player registry. From google searches, wikipedia searches, and looking through USL and MLS websites, I came up with at least 23 and as many as 27 former Wizards that are currently still playing the beautiful game. Here are the players in order of the number of appearances they've made with their current club.

Vicente Figueroa - California Cougars (indoor), 23 appearances, 23 goals and 9 assists.
Josh Wolff - 1860 Munich (Germany), 10 appearances, 2 goals.
Chris Klein - Real Salt Lake, 8 appearances, 1 goal, 1 assist.
Dave van den Bergh - Red Bull New York, 8 appearances, 1 goal, 3 assists.
Matt Taylor - Chivas USA, 8 appearances, 1 goal.
Carey Talley - Real Salt Lake, 7 appearances.
Jay Alberts - Vancouver Whitecaps, 7 appearances, 2 goals, 2 assists
Kevin Friedland - Minnesota Thunder, 7 appearances.
Andrew Gregor - Portland Timbers, 6 appearances, 4 goals, 1 assist.
Diego Gutierrez - Chicago Fire, 6 appearances.
Diego Walsh - Adelaide United FC (Australia), 6 appearances.
Alex Zotinca - Chivas USA, 5 appearances, 2 assists.
Antti Sumiala - Porin Palloilijat (Finland), 5 appearances, 1 goal
Stephen Armstrong - Charleston Battery, 5 appearances, 2 goals, 1 assist
Chris Brown - Real Salt Lake, 4 appearances, 1 goal
Brandon Prideaux - Colorado Rapids, 3 appearances
Shavar Thomas
- Chivas USA, 3 appearances
Taylor Graham - Red Bull New York, 1 appearance, 1 assist
Will Hesmer - Columbus Crew, 0 appearances
John Wilson - DC United, 0 appearances
Khari Stephenson - AIK (Sweden), 0 appearances

The following players I've found information on where they are playing now, but have no clue on their current stats with those teams.

Gary Glasgow
- Joe Public FC (Trinidad)
Jermaine Hue - Harbour View FC (Jamaica)
Dustin Branan - Minnesota Thunder (does not appear on team's website roster)
Onandi Lowe - Miami FC (although he does not appear on team's roster)
Wolde Harris - Winnipeg Alliance (indoor) (he does not appear on team's roster)
Igor Simutenkov - Dynamo Voronezh (Russia)

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Anonymous said...

While not field players, you can't forget Preki and Mo Johnston, both beloved Wiz(ards) who are now head coaches.