Wednesday, October 12, 2016

What We Want to Happen Today and Tomorrow 10/12, 10/13

After a weekend where there was only a single game that really had only a minimal effect on Kansas City (Houston was officially eliminated from playoff contention) we have a couple midweek games this week to get every team in the league up to 32 games played heading into the final two weeks of the regular season. Two of the games have some potential interests for Kansas City both above them and below them heading into this weekend, while the Eastern Conference match up features one eliminated team and one close to elimination. Here's what KC fans want to happen today and tomorrow in the two Western Conference games.

Houston at Seattle
What we want to happen - Houston win

A Dynamo win keeps the Seattle Sounders just a single point ahead of KC with their final game in hand being played. Sporting may not be able to pass Seattle in the end, but keeping them ahead by just a single point heading into the weekend would at the least be a confidence boost. A win for Seattle would also put a lot more pressure on this weekend's opponent for KC, as Real Salt Lake would fall into 5th place and face an away wild card game if the playoffs were to start before this weekend.

San Jose at Colorado
What we want to happen - Colorado win

Colorado (and a way out of the wild card game) is beyond Kansas City's reach at this point, sitting 11 points clear with KC only having six available points. Meanwhile, San Jose sit six points behind Kansas City, below the red line. A win by Colorado would eliminate San Jose from playoff contention because the best they would be able to do is tie Kansas City on points with 43, and they would lose the first tie breaker against Kansas City, which is most wins. Even if they were to win their final two games, San Jose would only finish with 10 wins, while KC would still sit on 12 wins. A draw would keep the Earthquakes hopes alive, but would mean any more points dropped by them or gained by KC would eliminate them.

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