Saturday, October 01, 2016

What We Want to Happen Today 10/1

Heading into a busy Saturday with a number of intra-conference match ups in MLS, in fact, Sporting KC's game against New England is the only game today or tomorrow between an Eastern and Western Conference team. That means there's a lot of potential for the playoff picture to be clearer come the end of the weekend. Starting with the Western Conference match ups, here's what KC fans want to happen today.

LA at Dallas
What we want to happen - Dallas win

Dallas is officially out of reach for Kansas City, sitting 10 points back with only three games to play. With that in mind having the Galaxy drop points could make things very interesting the last few weeks. A Galaxy loss combined with a KC win would see KC jump to within two points of the third place Galaxy with two games to play.

Portland at Colorado
What we want to happen - Colorado win

Portland is only two points behind Kansas City but currently sit outside the playoff picture. KC need them to continue to drop points to help make their playoff position safer. A loss combined with a KC win would see KC jump to five points clear with only two games to play for both teams, almost securing KC a playoff spot. On the other hand a win in Colorado (where the Rapids are undefeated) and a loss by KC could see Sporting fall to a position outside the playoffs with two games to play.

Salt Lake at San Jose
What we want to happen - San Jose win

San Jose can still technically catch KC, they are 10 points back, but still have four games to play, including a trip to KC on the last day of the season. The Earthquakes though haven't shown the ability to put a good run together and have only won twice in 19 games. Meanwhile Salt Lake sit just two points ahead of KC for fourth and the all important home game for the wild card round of the playoffs, so a loss by Salt Lake combined with a KC win would see the two teams flop position with a big match in Salt Lake coming up next for both teams.

Philadelphia at New York
What we want to happen - New York win

This is a tough one, and I almost want to go with a draw here, but at this point of the season KC want to keep as many teams behind them as possible. While the Red Bulls are still catchable at 48 points for the ability to host MLS Cup, there are enough points left on the table that KC likely isn't going to be able to catch them. So with that in mind, the goal is to keep Philadelphia behind KC on points and hope the likes of New York get knocked out on their way to MLS Cup.

Chicago at Columbus
What we want to happen - Does not matter

The first match up of the season that really doesn't have meaning for KC. Yes the Crew can technically still catch KC, if they win out and KC loses out (they are sitting 11 points back with four to play). But if both of those happen, KC won't be in the playoffs anyway, so this result has no bearing on Kansas City.

DC at Toronto
What we want to happen - Toronto win

Similar to the New York situation, at this point it's about keeping as many teams behind KC as possible and hoping the teams ahead of them get bumped out before they play Kansas City.

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