Saturday, August 27, 2016

What We Want to Happen Today 8/27

To make things easier for other Sporting KC fans, for the last few years I've been doing posts late in the season on "what we want to happen" in the other MLS games around the league. This way if you have MLS Live, or are scoreboard watching you have an idea of who you want to win each match up to help Sporting KC. I'll run through all the match ups, both East and West, because on the off chance Sporting KC were to make MLS Cup, point totals in the East will be important. I will focus mainly on the Western Conference though because of playoff positioning.

San Jose at Columbus
What we want to happen - Columbus win

The Earthquakes are currently in seventh place in the West on tiebreakers with Portland. They are only six points behind Sporting with two games in hand. Meanwhile the Crew are sitting bottom of the Eastern Conference. Here it is very simple, KC fans want San Jose to lose.

Dallas at Houston
What we want to happen - Houston win

This one isn't as straight forward, but keeping Dallas within touching distance for Kansas City isn't bad although it's highly unlikely that KC will catch them. On the other side Houston is currently 13 points back of Sporting, catching them seems extremely unlikely, so let the top of the West continue to stay crowded.

Vancouver at LA
What we want to happen - draw

Vancouver is in ninth place in the West, but only trails KC by eight points. Meanwhile the Galaxy are one point ahead of KC. Sporting really doesn't want Vancouver to close the gap further but at the same time doesn't want LA, and a potential home wild card game to get away from them, especially with LA having two games in hand on Sporting at this time. Unfortunately both teams can't lose, so splitting a point is probably the best.

Chicago at DC
What we want to happen - Chicago win

Really this doesn't have much in it for KC, DC is in a playoff spot in the East, but is nine points behind Sporting. Chicago currently sits in ninth place on 23 points. DC dropping points in the unlikely event of a KC vs DC MLS Cup is a good thing.

Montreal at Toronto
What we want to happen - draw

Another match up that is all about MLS Cup, Sporting want Toronto (43 points) to stay close enough to catch while Montreal (34 points) doesn't catch up with Sporting. Again a split of the points is in KC's favor.

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