Sunday, August 28, 2016

What We Want to Happen Today 8/28

A couple of results that Sporting KC wanted happened yesterday, especially in the Western Conference where San Jose lost and LA and Vancouver played to a draw. Unfortunately Kansas City didn't take advantage of the results going their way, falling 2-0. Today there are three more games, one of which will have big implications on Sporting.

Seattle at Portland
What we want to happen - draw

Portland and Seattle sit in sixth and eighth currently in the Western Conference, six and seven points behind Sporting KC in fifth place. Sporting really doesn't want either team to gain on them, but keeping both as far away as possible is important. So like LA and Vancouver last night, Sporting is wanting a draw. If you have to go for a winner, Portland is probably the better choice since they're already in the playoff picture right now and it'd keep Seattle from closing the gap.

New England at New York
What we want to happen - New England win

We're back to the unlikely chances that Sporting makes it to MLS Cup. In this instance, New York currently has one less point than Kansas City does, so New York dropping points is a positive.

NYCFC at Orlando
What we want to happen - Orlando win

New York has three more points than Kansas City does right now, keeping them within a win point wise is what Kansas City will want.

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