Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Espinoza Suspension Rescinded, Dwyer Has Fun on Deadline Day

Sporting Kansas City got some good news today as an independent review panel rescinded the fine and suspension that was given to Roger Espinoza for his red card that he received in the 87th minute of KC's 2-0 loss to the Philadelphia Union. On the play Espinoza was trying to control a ball near the top of Kansas City's box, to do so he put up his arm to shield off the oncoming Roland Alberg from getting to the ball. Alberg ran into Espinoza's arm right as it went up and the Dutch midfielder let out a cry of pain and went down. Referee Juan Guzman did not hesitate, immediately going to the back pocket and producing a red card for Espinoza for violent conduct.

The upholding of KC's appeal by the panel, which includes a representative USSF, CSA, and PRO, likely had to do with the lack of excessive force that the laws of the game mention in regards to violent conduct. Espinoza didn't cock his elbow like he was throwing it back, make an aggressive movement backward with his arm towards Alberg, instead throwing it up to attempt to keep him from getting to the ball.

With the suspension rescinded, Espinoza will be able to be on the field next Friday when Sporting KC take on the Houston Dynamo.

Dwyer has fun on deadline day

Sporting Kansas City fans know that Dom Dwyer is good for a good trolling every now and then, and with it being transfer deadline day in England, he was at it again. Earlier today, Dwyer posted a picture of himself in front of a British Airways plane like he was getting ready to board. The Birmingham Mail immediately jumped on the image, running with it and saying that there were rumors that Sporting had agreed to a deal with Championship side, Wolverhampton Wanderers in a deal worth $1.64 million.

The reported offer from Wolves was just over half of the offer that Kansas City already turned down from Olympiakos for Dwyer earlier in the transfer window. With the rumor though, writers out at Sporting KC practice today as well as the team itself immediately moved to shoot down those rumors, pointing out that the striker was not on a plane, but was at the team's practice facility in Swope Park. Now England can learn about Dwyer's trolling skills when it comes to social media.
As with the Olympiakos move, this move just doesn't make sense, in fact based on the price it makes even less sense for Kansas City. Besides having extremely limited options to replace him with the transfer window now closed and his importance to the offense, the price that Wolves offered is just laughable.

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