Friday, December 12, 2014

Kansas City on List to Potentially Host Copa America Centenario

Kansas City could be hosting the premier national team competition in the Western Hemisphere in 2016. The Copa America will be hosted in the US in 2016 as the Copa Centenario. It will include the nations of CONMEBOL as well as six teams from the CONCACAF region, including the USA and Mexico.

CONMEBOL is apparently eying 23 cities in the US as potential hosting cities for the tournament according to Globo in Brazil. One of those cities is Kansas City.

The list apparently came up in a CONMEBOL Exective Committee meeting. The map has two different colors for cities listed, but no explanation of those colors. Kansas City is grouped a number of favorites to host the tournament like Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Chicago, etc. Whether that means anything or not is unknown. But it'd certainly  be fun to have the tournament in Kansas City.

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