Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Orlando to be 21st MLS Team

Orlando City announced today that next Tuesday, November 19th they would be making a major announcement. The emphasis on major was made by Orlando in their releases. With the stadium funding passing, it was only a matter of time before MLS officially made the announcement. And it looks like that is finally coming on the 19th.

Orlando would become the 21st team in the league after New York City FC. Right now New York is set to begin play in 2015 so it's possible that Orlando would be coming in at the same time.

The timing would work out well for KC when it comes to their partnership with Orlando. Earlier this year, Sporting signed a two year agreement with Orlando. That agreement expires after the 2014 season. So an entry into the league in 2015 would coincide with the the end of that agreement. Robb Heineman has already hinted at the club establishing their own USL-Pro team for the reserve league closer to home, with Omaha, Des Moines, and KC all being mentioned.

Right now, Orlando looks to be in the best shape of the latest crop of expansion teams, already having their stadium funding. NYCFC has the major media market, but is still needing to get a stadium. And David Beckham looks very likely to be headed to Miami with his expansion team and they too are still needing a stadium.

But congrats to Orlando, I look forward to a road trip there in the future.


Sharon Hom said...

So will be the additions of all of these Eastern teams push SKC and others (Houston?) into the Western Conference, or will MLS go to a single table?

Josh Hurlbert said...

All indications are that MLS will stick with a 24 team league split between two conferences. The math works out perfect for a 34 game schedule (22 home-and-away in conference, 12 in opposite conference).

Mike said...

MLS won't go to a single table. I've also never seen them say they'll stick with 24 teams either. I expect they'll expand past that in the future.