Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Sporting Trade Thomas to Toronto

Sporting KC look like they're starting to angle themselves into a busy summer transfer window.  Today the team announced the trade of midfielder, Michael Thomas to Toronto FC in exchange for a second round pick in the 2015 MLS Superdraft.
Thomas, a local product, had been acquired before the 2012 season from the San Jose Earthquakes for a 4th round supplemental draft pick. He'd been drafted by the Earthquakes in the 2nd round of the 2010 MLS Superdraft, but did not sign with the Quakes.  Instead he went to Sweden and spent a few years there before coming back to KC for the 2012 season. He appeared in 7 games for KC last season in league play.  His only appearance this year had been in the Open Cup against Des Moines.
Thomas was at or near the end of the depth chart when it came to central midfielders for KC.  And with Mikey Lopez returning from the U20 World Cup there was going to be even more competition for playing time. So this deal makes sense from KC's perspective as it frees up a roster spot.  I can't see KC leaving all these roster spots open, especially with the Champions' League coming up to congest the schedule more.


Anonymous said...

it begs the question- who is going to go to orlando? kyle miller seems like a good guess. but who else? i still think teal should go down even though vermes says they don't want to hand over his rehab to a different staff.

Anonymous said...

Sapong maybe? With Soony, Kamara, Peterson, Zusi as wing options, Bieler, Dwyer, Bunbury as center forward options, maybe it's time to send down a slumping Sapong for some minutes and confidence.

Lopez back from USMNT U20 World Cup action is also a possibility as is Ellis one would presume. Sapong would instantly become the starter where the other guys have battles to get playing time.

hartley said...

Kyle Miller would be a good choice. He needs the time and to show he can play -- somewhere.

I think either Teal or CJ could go down. Teal needs more fitness. CJ needs to build up some confidence and get back to doing the things he does well.

Gardner? None of the fans seems to like him. And he hasn't done much except for the Chivas game. So, maybe he goes down or goes away. Is he really providing depth when Ellis is now showing he can play some?

The other question that comes up is -- who are we going to acquire and for what position?

I think it is clear we need a midfielder that is more of a defensive-minded player. We need a sort of Geoff Cameron type. I thought Olum would be a good fit for this and he may yet, but in his first start I thought he was getting too far forward.

I know the idea is that all three midfielders can rotate, but that means all three must be good passers, good attackers, good defenders. It means all three must be bulldogs. Right now, we have no bulldogs.

Zusi is the playmaker, the spacemaker.

Rosell I feel fits Roger's old role but he needs to get stuck in. Go ahead Uri, make the hard tackle to kill a sprint down the field. We need that.

Olum can be the defender to protect the middle for Collin and Besler, but hasn't done it this season.

I would really like to see us get someone who can nail down that role -- stay home a little and be the connection between the defense and the attacking midfielders.